Autumn weekend garden progress; from weeding, to sowing and harvesting

Spending time working in my gardens makes me happy. It’s a special kind of happiness, so I welcome garden time. As I had a mostly free weekend, I was able to accomplish a great deal of progress in the garden. Balancing the worst job in the garden (weeding) with the best (harvesting), I transformed my gardens this weekend.

I pulled out one of the cucamelon vines in the smaller in-ground garden bed because the other vine is producing way more than I need. Picking the cucamelons from the vine before adding it to the compost heap resulted in a bucket full of cucamelons. I’m not really sure what to do with them all. It’s a bit of a cucamelon dilemma. I would like to pickle them but I don’t think I have enough jars or willing recipients.


Bucket full of cucamelons

Removing the trellis and clearing out the abundance of dropped cucamelons freed up garden space for more seedlings. Today I planted a variety of home-grown seedlings including cauliflower, broccolini, more peas and snow peas, various cabbage varieties, purple kale, swede and parnsips. I weeded the garden to keep them away from the growing onions, leeks and spring onions. In the raised garden bed, behind many rows of newly planted onions and shallots, I sowed 3 rows of different carrot seed varieties. A few weeks ago I set up a small garden bed to grow onions, carrots and radishes. I am inexperienced at growing carrots so I’m pleased to see my newest garden advancing quickly. I hope for similar success with the newly sown seeds.


New garden bed growing carrots, radishes and onions.


Many other beautiful vegetables are currently growing happily in the gardens, including garlic, radishes, parsnips, tomatoes, ruby brussel sprouts, silverbeet, lettuce, peas and snow peas. Over the last couple of days, I noticed striking yellow peas and beautiful purple flowers on the golden podded pea vine. I’ve never grown these peas before so I’m excited to try them. Eggplants and capsicums are still growing abundantly. Trombroncinos are continuing to grow in wacky and funny shapes. My Autumn garden is thriving.

While working in the gardens this weekend, I harvested a large haul of trombonicinos, capsicums, eggplants, shallots, tomatoes, radishes, purple kolhrabi and the cucamelons. A rewarding outcome of my time spent in the gardens is picking this amount of fresh produce and devising ways to use it.


This weekend’s harvest – radishes, tromboncinos, purple kohlrabi, eggplants, capsicums, a few random tomatoes, cucamelons and shallots


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