It Twirled Up! Beyond Star Wars, what Carrie Fisher meant to me.

So, in the final days of 2016 (a year in which Prince, one of my all-time favourite artists suddenly passed away), Carrie Fisher has sadly died at only 60. And with a life much lived and so much to say about her, I’m left to reflect on the loss of someone whose work meant so much to me for so long.


As Princess Leia. Image: Lucas Film Ltd

She was a Hollywood child, a former drug addict, Paul Simon’s ex-wife, a lot of things. She was an icon, a princess. Of course, she will always be Princess Leia and in those classic films, she will live on forever. I love Star Wars and Princess Leia, a feminist icon, but, to me, Carrie Fisher was so much more. For me she was special because she excelled at 2 things I love most of all – movies and writing.

Wishful Drinking – what a perfect title! What an awesome book. If you are a Carrie Fisher fan and you haven’t read this book, I suggest you do. It is a raw, hilarious and beyond entertaining account of her mostly tumultuous life. And, then, of course, there is Postcards From the Edge. I loved this book when I first read it as a teenager. I still do. I recall an interview she did with Madonna in Rolling Stone magazine (1992?) which I found a bit shocking and quite educational as I was just a teenager at the time. But reading it again as adult, as I have many times over the years, it was a brilliant interview. Fortunately for us, all that wit, humour and talent have been left behind in many books, all enjoyable in their own way.


Wishful Drinking

Even though she isn’t in the film, Postcards From the Edge has Carrie Fisher written all over it. Literally. Based her novel, loosely based on her life, this is one of my favourite movies ever. It is funny, entertaining, boasts great performances from Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine, and provides insight into Hollywood life when you a bit down on your luck.

As is the case for so many others, Carrie has been in my consciousness my entire life. From playing the sarcastic friend in movies like When Harry Met Sally to hilarious guest spots in shows like The Big Bang Theory, she has always been there. If she was a guest on a talk show, I made sure to watch it. She was often a bit crazy and you never really knew what she was going to say, but you knew it would be fabulous. Her wit, her stories and making light of her often difficult life experiences always entertained. She didn’t sugar coat anything. She told it how it was. And now she’s gone. What are we going to do now?



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