Progress in the garden. Let the harvesting begin.

My newfound obsession with growing seedlings resulted in the need for another garden bed, as my original garden beds were bursting at the seams. The new garden is now fully planted and the seedlings are growing happily. Pots of excess seedlings line the fence and surround one of the greenhouses. I am preparing for a productive spring/summer harvest. I can’t wait!

The original garden beds are now showing obvious progress. Beans and snow peas are now taller than their trellis, the cherry tomatoes are ripening and the zucchinis and pumpkins are running away. The tomato plants are shooting up, and out. I started staking today. The silverbeet now has a couple of very obvious silverbeet leaves. The cucamelons are growing fast and their tendrils are looking for something to wrap around. I sorted that out for them today. I am excited to see how they turn out and how a cucamelon tastes! I noticed tiny, cute little cucumbers at the end of a vine today. Exciting!

This week’s harvest included zucchinis, beans, cherry tomatoes and snow peas. To use the harvest so far, tonight’s dinner was a zucchini noodle salad, using zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, mint, coriander, and snow peas straight from the garden. And it was very tasty! As my garden progresses, I should be able to make it with only vegetables from the garden and not need to buy the corn, chilli, lime and extra tomatoes. It’s all out in the yard, growing away! I used basil, rocket and lemons from the garden to make 2 batches of pesto last week for easy meals. Very handy.

The rocket flowers and native tree flowers have started dying off, so I planted flowers in a pallet garden to help attract bees to the yard. A lot of vegetable flowers out there need to be pollinated. I saw two buzzing around the petunias this afternoon so that is promising!

Pallet garden with flowers

Pallet garden with flowers

I am completely blown away by the amount of mangoes growing on the mango tree. They seem to have doubled in size over the last week. I hope we have a large haul (pending interference from rain, bats and birds) because I have plans for those mangoes!

Mango tree

Mango tree

For me, this is a very exciting time in the garden. The harvest has started!


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