Garden impatience. Stop and enjoy the spectacle

As I sit here looking at my gardens I can’t help but feel a little impatient. I just want my vegetables to grow! It’s not that unreasonable, is it? I grew the seedlings, I planted them in the gardens but now I must wait for them to grow and produce the beautiful, colourful, versatile, nutritious vegetables and fruit I want to use in so many favourite dishes. It seems a bit unfair.

But it is all a process. In the meantime, I can enjoy watching the gardens progress and expand. My vegetables are developing and it is very exciting! The gardens are starting to look very vibrant. Over the last week or so, flowers have appeared on the beans and zucchinis. Bees buzzing around the flowers provide hope of pollination.

One crop providing early satisfaction is radishes. The seedlings sprout quickly, they grow quickly and after an early harvest, they vacate the garden and provide space to plant more seedlings. While I mostly use them in salads, radish is a versatile vegetable. A few months ago, when the weather was cooler, I made soup from the ample haul of home grown radish. I’m looking forward to trying new things with this crop when I harvest them very soon.



In other noticeable progress in the garden, the garlic I planted at the end of last summer should be ready to harvest soon. The leaves are browning and as I have never grown my own garlic before, I greatly anticipate the result. The berries on the self sown cherry tomato are steadily changing colour. Fully grown lettuces occupy their own space and the little blueberry bush has produced cute little blueberries, also nearly ready to pick and eat.


Self sown cherry tomato

Sadly, the avocado tree buds have taken a hit. A few babies remain, but only a few. So far, the same cannot be said for the mango tree. As my Nan would say when she was the caretaker of these trees, it is loaded! I am crossing all my fingers and hoping it doesn’t drop all the budding mangoes like it did last year. The number of mangoes harvested last year? A heartbreaking zero. The lime tree has burst to life this spring with many limes forming, providing hope for a plentiful haul this year. Avocadoes, limes, I have Mexican dishes in mind for you!


Lone avocado at the top of the tree


Abundance of baby mangoes


Growing limes

So there is much to enjoy while I wait, still somewhat impatiently, for harvesting. Wandering around the gardens with my cats and checking on the progress, feeling proud as I notice flowers and bigger leaves, evidence of development. The whole journey is to be enjoyed and savoured. After all, the process is an amazing spectacle.



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